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First point...

We must remind ourselves that all Existence/Life began at the Ultimate Supreme Source of All, I call "It", the Supreme Being Creatress Goddess & Mother of All Existence/Life, Mother Nature per se. She has a Sacred Part/Portion of Herself in/inside of All of Her Creation and that includes all of us, human beings every time that we incarnate in these parts of the Universes, in these time-bands and denser "Elemental Realms".
Therefore, indeed AS ABOVE SO IS BELOW, because the Creatress is inside of All Her Creation and Her Creation is equally inside of Herself.

Second point...

Having a sacred part of the Mother Nature, of the Supreme Being Creatress inside of us is having her Sacred Presence within us and it surely means/signifies that we also can make wonders, we can manifest our own MAGICK, our own MIRACLES.

However, since the beginning of times, because of necessary Evolution and also because of the 1% Minority Elite of the World Population and their well-paid Socio-Religio-Politico Bullies and Hustlers who via their Invented Collections of their Invented "Belief & Language" and its equally Invented "Values & Invented Ways of Conduct", they have imposed their Invented Mythology upon the Other 99% of the world population in order to convince Them All, that they are "Not" worthy, nor Capable of "Manifesting their own "Best Interests", their own "Well-Being" both collectively and individually...
The reason is, mainstream (Big/Rich) Religion and (Big/Rich) Politics.
So the 99% of the world population has been convinced, fooled and conditioned to "Believe" that they must ask, they have to beg for, and they have no choice but "To Depend Upon" RELIGION/GOD/DEITY and upon their POLITICAL LEADERS a.k.a. (Socio-Religio-Politico Hustlers and Bullies for most part) to help them, to assist them in To Manifest to Them, their "Best Interests", their Well-Being.
Of course, that never happened...
That never happens...
And in fact, that will never ever happen because the 1% Minority Elite who invented this whole damn Misery, they are quite pleased that they own most of everything and they control most of everything along with 99% of world population, nearly everybody on Earth in one way or the other.

Third point...

People have been taught to be "Dependent" !!! Not autonomous, not self-Sufficient at all.
The (invented) Limitations begin at Academia compromised by Religion and by Politics, and finally by Corporate Interests a.k.a. Corporate Criminals of the World a.k.a. 1% Minority Elite of the World population...

The answer to the presented points is quite simple indeed but it requires each person to re-invent themselves, their lives, their "Belief and Language", its associated Values & related Ways of Conduct.

We all have the "Sacred Part" of the Creatress in us, we all have the "Eternal and Infinite" ATOM in us.
We should and we ought to be able and capable of Manifesting our own Magick, our own Miracles.

But instead, we have been taught to ask GOD for our wishes.
Instead, we have been taught to ask the Fae / Elementals / Pomba-Giras / Exu-Femmes and Exus for our wishes.

We have been taught to be Dependent upon Others in order to get what we wish for, and during the whole course of any lifetime.

Our parents, they have given to us and imposed upon us, Their own "Belief and Language" along with its own " associated Values and related Ways of Conduct"...
Because, that was the best they had for themselves and they wanted to share with us.

However, there comes a time in the life of every person that they look around and they see that whatever they've learned from home, from their parents, it is really "Not" bringing to them, the desirable results in life.
Anybody who has a car that no longer rides, no longer functions, they get rid of it.
Anybody who has TV set that has burned out and it can no longer be fixed, they dispose of it.
It is common sense, it is the wisely logical and intelligently workable solution and most viable course of proper action.
Actually, in fact, it is the "Obvious" answer.
But when it comes to "BELIEF & LANGUAGE", you have to stand aside in awe, because in general, world population, people simply seem to prefer to throw their lives in the rubbish/garbage, rather than getting rid of their "Belief and Language" which no longer works for them, and perhaps, it never ever really worked much for them at all...

Any decent and wise person watching this show on television would be telling them - Get rid of it once and for all, will you?
Instead of "Divorcing themselves from that what no longer works", they actually hold on to it as security-blankets to blame for in the end and literally, until they finally die.
Nobody told them the light of any other possible choice and all of their lives...
Along the way of their lives, nobody offered them the idea, the light, the possible hope & the blessed chance of Another Choice.
And I do mean by that, a more intelligent, a wiser, a much saner & healthier choice.
What is this choice?

( Help yourself !  Don't play helpless ! Don't play Victim! Don't play Martyr and don't play Saviour !!! Respect & Love yourself first ! )


- Manifest the "As Above So Is Below" that it is already inside and equally outside of You-Yourself !

Quit the old miserable "Belief and Language ! Create your own ! Be kind to yourself !


Don't treat your Goddess, God (Goddesses and Gods) as mere restaurant waitresses and waiters who wait on you hand and foot, ready to jump at your call, ready to serve you every time you need something and/or anything.

Don't treat your dear Pomba-Giras & Exus  ( Elementals / Exu-Femmes / Fae / Exus ) as mere Restaurant Waitresses and Waiters, who are there to wait on you, hand and foot, ready to jump at your call, ready to take your orders, ready to serve you everytime that  you need something and/or anything.

That, folks ! That it is how we have been “conditioned / programmed”, and how we have been taught to treat our Goddesses and Gods, our dear Pomba-Giras & Exus / Elementals / Fae.

We do it and we do not even notice or realize how arrogant, how primitive, how ignorant, how unwise and how lacking in intelligence, how lacking in social graces & dignity, how offensive, how hurtful and harmful such an appalling "Choices of Conduct and of Values", such a infantile, self-serving and stupid "Belief & Language" really and truly  are.

Our Pomba-Giras / Exus and our Goddesses and Gods, they would rather to inspire us to evolve.

Our Pomba-Giras / Exus and our Goddesses and Gods, they would rather to inspire us to learn to help / to assist ourselves both "collectively and equally individually" to become Independent and Self-sufficient / Autonomous.

Our Pomba-Giras / Exus and our Goddesses and Gods, they would rather to inspire us to evolve enough in order to find within ourselves our own Creation Original Particle, our own piece of the Supreme Being Creatress Goddess, our own Mother Nature Particle... And, that way, to learn, to know that we too, we can manifest Magick, Wonders and Miracles during the course of any lifetime.

Don't misunderstand, don't get it wrong !!!
Everybody is doing fine just as it is in the now and here...
But if only we knew, if only we could begin to change our eyes, our senses in order to do better than this now and here and its miserable share of things and people that did not work out.

In fact, we could so much better than this now and here and be much ahead of this present (learned/taught & accepted) perception of the "Dance of Existence".

We are much, much  more than we can imagine and dream of, within any lifetime and time-band.

Be free and willing to offer your "FOCUS" to your "WISHES", everyday!
Believe, expect and also prepare !!!
And you will Manifest Your Own Best Wishes within your own Lifetime.

Pomba Giras / Exus / Elementals / Fae - The Elemental Kingdom / They all (their Species) are in this jointly-agreed-upon Evolutionary Journey with our Species.
We are in their Realms, in their Time-zones/Time-bands.
Astral or not, deemed dead or alive a.k.a. inside of their flesh or not, we are in the Elemental Cosmos of infinite Elemental Universes and this is just one of them.
Eternal & Infinite Evolution from the Supreme Being Source Creatress Mother Nature Goddess of All EXISTENCE/LIFE
It is Her Command, Her Wish for Her Creation.

We are lucky and blessed that we have mutually found and fallen in love with the Elemental Universes and Their Species.
Via the breeding of both Species, ours and theirs, we have this Evolutionary Journey that we are undertaking at this very moment.

The real and true answers go much beyond the past's many invented and offered "belief and language, values and ways of conduct".

Change is what you and I are made of, so do not fear that what you are of.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

This little informative inspiration came to me this morning...

Death? When you fade away from this realm...
It could be said that it is similar to find yourself in moving train who makes many stops at many different stations but waits for you to get out and take a look around at each stop. Each stop, each station will slowly remind you more and more of "Who You Really Are", beyond and besides that the tiny one lifetime-at-a-time perception and awareness that you've just left behind when you've boarded the train.

The train leads you back to the whole YOU, the sum of all your other lifetimes / incarnations / species / realms that you have experienced and who have become a part of who you are as an entirety, the real and true complete YOU.
Each station are steps towards the final destination who is nothing more than YOURSELF IN FULL and without any reservations and / or  censorship.

As Souls, we are eternal and infinite.
As incarnated (Tiny) Particles of our Soul, we are limited to the time-band and realm that we've incarnated. We are limited by the temporary material format offered to us by our willingly and free  joint-evolutionary cooperation and assistance to/of Other Species as the dearest Four Elemental Kingdoms of Water, Fire, Earth and Air and all Species thereof as our many, many Temporary Vessels / Vehicles from cradle to grave, our Formats/Bodies in this realm and time-zone.

It is all much simpler and easier than all of what the 1% world minority elite has made up in their world big and rich Religions with their miserable, fancy, fabricated, invented and imposed mythologies and their ignorance-promoting, hatred-for-all-differences-promoting, horror-and-fear-driven Mandates/Controls over the THINKING, INFORMATION, FREEDOM, ASSETS & INTELLIGENT/WISE ACTIONS of the other 99% world population.

That's why, when I hear, other people tooting and touting buzz-words as "Morals and Ethics" as they waive their masssive weight of wilful ignorance around, I quickly ask -

Who's (invented) codes/collections of Values?
Who's (invented) codes/collections of Ways of Conduct?
Who's (invented) collections of (invented) Belief & Language?

Because, it is always that and those of people who hide behind the last recourse of people-without-any-factual-intelligent-wise-and-well-cultured point - (Invented-by-this-Species) BIG & RICH RELIGIONS and its (men-made) Miserable, Prejudiced, Hateful, Vengeful & Harmful, Anti-Humanity-For-All Mythologies.

And all of this pure B*llsh*t / rubbish neatly offered, sold and imposed as the so-called "word and the will" of God.
I say - Holy Rubbish !!!

We have to grow beyond the nonsense of big and rich Religions and their mytholgies...

We have somehow to get beyond these barriers and obstacles who stand against the Higher Evolution of Thinking, of Being and for the sake of the general Quality of Existence for all who journey in this realm - Earth and these timezones affected by these young souls who have not grown enough in order to let go of their Fear of Changing, Fear from that what We All are made of  - CHANGE, Fear from the Changes from the eternal and infinite Currents from the sacred Womb of the Supreme Being Mother Goddess Creatress of All and of all Existence / Life.

The news for them all is simple - Mother Nature is Inside of All and All of Its Creation. Mother Nature is outside and inside of all Existence.
And in the end, She always gets what she wants.
There is none of this nonsense of running from what we are made of.

At some point, there will be changes spring from inside out to all these critters and no uncertain way, they will evolve and they will change because such a seed has always already been inside of every one and everything allowed to exist.
We cannot avoid nor run away from our own NATURE.

In the end, I smile and privately laugh away...
Poetic and yet ironic at once the many stories we have to play just only to arrive at our very own selves, LOL


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon
INFERNO - HELL - LOWER ASTRAL (Revised on the 9th June 2016)

Long time ago when the New Religions arrived, they had their own New Mythologies and also their invented and brand-new Religious a.k.a. Mythological Motifs and Directions...
Such had encompassed/borrowed and in copy-cat style, the employment and application of concepts of Spiritual DUALISM also known as an  invention of ancient Persian Zoroaster...

Also the employment of men-invented Patriarchal / Patristic concepts which denied the graces and virtues of any form of FEMININITY, therefore, openly denying all Women, their own Birth-Rights of Equality, of Citizenship, of Social Equal Rights in any Society and via the same miserable door, they also vilified and maligned Women and equally all LGBTQ of the world.

Via the newly invented concept of ONE ONLY MALE DEITY/GOD and denying all others both Goddesses and Gods, they invented the Monistic Approach of Modern Religions.

In order to discredit, in order to vilify, in order to malign and to turn, to change, to transform all the past "LOVABLE & KIND" Goddesses and Gods into FEARED and HATED Characters that should not be called nor trusted...
They invented Mythological Realities/Tales which would portray the ONE GOD as all loving and  good, and the rest of the other Goddesses and Gods as BAD and EVIL.

They inserted FEAR into RELIGION by making their own ONE GOD a very miserable and vengeful BULLY GOD and by the way, arrogantly full of shit!
A tiny village, low-frequency, small and very unimportant god turned into some BIG GOD for BIG RELIGION...
And all of that, for sake of socio-religio-politico Control over the Populations on this planet, control their Thinking, control over their Freedom of Expression, control over Their Ways of Conduct, control over Their Values and so forth...

Via that door, they introduced a 1% World Minority Elite's own brand of "DO AS I TELL YOU" & Don't Do As I MYSELF Do!
Or rather, "Never Mind the As I do! And Do As I Tell You!!!"
They've hidden behind their invented Mythology, behind Country and Flag, behind JOBS, Behind "WE'RE HERE FOR THE POOR" and Behind Children.
And of course, arrogantly waiving around their massive weight of pure rubbish / b*llsh*t also known as their Mythologies also known as their holy books, and of course, claiming to have the Word and the Will of the SUPREME BEING also known as GOD, that it is, their invented/men-made mythological stupid God and its associated (Invented/me-made) Mythology!!!
That's how men-made/invented, anti-Nature and the Anti-Human-Being "PURITANISM" & Prejudices entered the picture the lives of many, of the ordinary folks all over the world.

Amidst this whole HOLY RUBBISH/BullSh*t, and their campaign for introducing FEAR into the relationship of/between people and the Supreme Being, they invented, promoted and imposed their INFERNOs, Their HELL and ad nauseum.
Inferno was their way to introduce more Fear and to Threaten the population To Obey blindly to their mythological absurdities.

The lower of the lowest ASTRAL WORLD / LEVEL / Frequency / Dimension / REALM of any Cosmos, of any Universes and of any Species and of any Time-zones / Time-bands...
None of them have ever been HELL or the invented INFERNOs of the NEW RELIGIONS and their invented/men-made MYTHOLOGIES.

Because, what they were, still are and will always be is "MYTHOLOGIES" invented/men-made by this Species !

The Astral Worlds will always try to adapt to the Expectation and sense of Imagination of the Species which arrives in it.
But sooner enough, it sheds all the Invented Rubbish once Evolution sets in and begins to happen to any member of any Species in the Astral.

Do you remember when Big & Rich Mainstream RELIGION in bed with Government and with Big Business, did put people "in prison" for saying the WORLD WAS ROUND.
Because their religious a.k.a. mythological books told me differently.

Do you remember when RELIGION murdered many, many Women, many Children and a few Men in the NAME of their One God of Love? And simply because they happen to pray to different Invisible "Man" in the sky?

Folks, I had some emails in re of Pomba-Gira Queen MARIA PADILHA...
In which, some folks were concerned because she has been told and taught to be Queen of Hell and even claimed by some to be the Wife of some BIG RELIGION -invented Dualistic/Patristic Character which is supposed to personify all that is Evil and Bad in the world.
I replied back in no uncertain way...
In the "invented sense" of the modern Dualistic/Patristic & Puritanical (Rich & Big) mainstream RELIGIONS and their moronic Mythologies
There is no Hell, there are not any Devils, no devils at all, not one! There is no Antagonist/Adversary/Satan, there is no Lucifer, except for the Bearers of Light, such as Stars, as dear Morning Star Venus for instance!!!
- I assure you all, there are not any Hells, no Hells, not one, none at at all, nor any DEVILS/Enemies, nor any LUCIFERS, chiefly in that Persian (made-up/invented) Zoroastrian sense/way a.k.a. mythological spiritual-Dualism-oriented sense/way such as employed by the big and rich mainstream Religions and their men-made absurd Mythologies!!!

By the way, “Lucifer” is not a Name at all, and good culture in Ancient Academia, it will clearly display that in fact, it is a title which simply means Bearer of LIGHT / Morning Star, and it was once employed and commonly used to mean, to signify the well-known morning planet VENUS also known as a Star in ancient times.
It was Venus all along, it was Her Title as the SHINING GODDESS of LIGHT in the ancient sky, chiefly in very ancient times, the dearest Star of Dawn.

Ergo, Lucifer in that particular sense of being a Bright Light / a Bearer of Light, a Shining Star, we all could be lucifers, chiefly by the nature of our Soul's original Species, as for instance "LIGHT Species"...
We all could be called and/or titled lucifers as bearers of our own Light in this life, chiefly when we shine via our accomplishments and successes, etc...
Therefore, I would not rule out some Soul and/or Souls of this Species or of another Species such as Fae, etc, who may have fancied to carry on, with such a word/term as Title just for fun...

In some ways, we all are Lucifers, because we all are Bearers of Light, it is only a question of whether sooner or later, Evolution comes to all, to everything, to everybody and to every Species.
But not ever as the vilified version, not as the maligned name and not as the mis-portrayed (invented dualistic/patristic) nasty character of the invented (dualistic/patristic) mythologies of the rich and big popular modern religions...

Big Religions have used their absurd inventions in order to promote their control of world populations, via fear, via lack of humanity, via horrifying biases, via plain harm and via too many absurdities.

There are not any stupid/absurd Battles or Wars between invented / personified Good and invented / personified Bad as new religions want you to believe because/for their Zoroastrian styled pure bullsh*t/rubbish mythological concepts.
It is all inventions of this miserable Species and arrogant/pure rubbish !!!

If people choose to believe in certain things - then the real things will dress accordingly to play the expected scripts, stages and costumes in order to reach for these people somehow and in order to teach them to embrace EVOLUTION.

Big & Rich Pop Religions have done more damage to the Species than any other thing ever and since the beginning of time.
Because of their miserable, biased, anti-Life, anti-Humanity, anti-Women, Anti-LGBTQ, anti-Autonomy, anti-Academia, anti-Sciences, anti-Arts, Anti-Equality, anti-People Mythologies which they sell and imposed as the word and will of their invented version of the Invisible Man In The Sky a.k.a. God.
When in fact, it has always been and still is, the word and the will of this Species or rather, of 1% World Minority Elite for the other Stupid 99% of the population to follow and to obey.

The invented Characters of the New Religions are Thought-Forms of this Species.
There are artificial THOUGHT-FORMS of these CLOWNS created by collective stupidity of Young Souls.
But Thought-Forms are not the real thing at all and will not stand up the heat or anything when it comes to true and real Archetypal Forces, the real thing, the Power/Might of the Ultimate Source of All Existence/LIFE, the Supreme Being HERSELF - The Creatress Goddess of All of all Who is inside of all Her Creation and Her Creation is inside of Her, as in the "AS ABOVE SO IS BELOW".

However, to show I am a good sport, I shall say that if I believed in any stupid Hell at all, I would still say that I would rather RULE in HELL than to serve in some stupid and boring puritanical HEAVEN.

So, I am 100% with Maria Padilha, Her (Elemental) Fire is, my fire too. And, I am very happy that I am of Fae blood... And, I would not want to have it any other way.
Salve Dona Maria Padilha Pomba Gira Rainha do Fogo Elemental Eterno e Muito Amada por mim & from the heart.

p.s. I will always Defend my Exu-Femmes / Pomba Giras / Fae / Elementals !!!
- They were not and They are NOT the wide-spread “mis-information / dis-information” of the Media Spinners of/from the rich and big mainstream Religions, I mean, the men-made/invented bullsh*t, the invented rubbish that these Rich & Big popular RELIGIONS fib, lie and pretend to the world that they-the-Pomba-Giras & Exus are...

HELL & INFERNO are words/terms and inventions of the NEW RELIGIONS with their invented Spiritual-Dualistic/Zoroastrian Rubbish a.k.a. their Mythologies, their Belief and Language, their invented Values and Their invented Ways of Conduct.


What do I mean by Non-Dualistic / Non-Zoroastrian?

Actually it is, my Pleasure to let you all know!

Non-Dualistic - Pertaining to the people and their chosen moral / ethical codes ( a.k.a. Codes of Conduct & Values ) which did not and do not embrace nor subscribe to the invention / concept of the Personification of Good & Bad which became later called Moral Dualism, Spiritual Dualism...
It is basically / usually an invented Patristic a.k.a. Men/Father&God-oriented tale / made-up story a.k.a. Mythology of Two Idiots, that it is, two stupid / pathetic Deities / Gods being the source of all Opposites, of all Good & of all Bad,  while Fighting / Warring / Battling Each Other as in Good Versus Evil...
One of them always being made to be the Only One God (Monistic)!
All of it simply invented/made up and created by the Ancient Persian Zoroaster also known as Zarathustra (Estimated dates of his birth may range from 6000 BC to 100 BCE)
Jewish / Christian Mythologies and Their invented Morals, their  invented Codes of Conduct / of Values, they all have heavily borrowed / copied from the Zoroastrian Inventions!
Also equally did the later Egyptian Dynasties as their mythologies were modified as well in order to reflect made-up Battles / Wars of / between Good and Bad, however personified at this time by their  Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, of course, inventing/placing God Seth a.k.a. Set as the bad fellow God!

When I feel, write and affirm that I am 100% Non-Spiritual-Dualism-Oriented a.k.a. Non-Dualistic, I mean that I do not believe nor subscribe to / in any men-made / invented Personified Battles / Wars between men-made / invented Personifications of Good and of Bad at all!
And again, I do mean NONE AT ALL!!!

There was a Matristic Time!!!
Yes, there was...
When God was a Woman!
There was also a time when Hebrew / Jewish & the so-called body of oral teachings which became known as Torah reflected more of the original Ancient Tribes than what is taught in schools & mainstream Academia of our modern times...
And a Creatress Goddess and Her created and sacred Goddesses and Gods were the Foundation of all Belief & Language, of all Codes of Value & of Conduct...
There were No Battles and No Wars between any Good and Bad at all, as each and every human being took responsibility / accountability for his / her own actions / reactions and consequences.

Codes of Conduct and of Values reflected a firm Respect for All Differences because back then the People knew their meaningfully empowered Freedom depended upon the virtues of All Mutual Respect For All Differences.

There were not any Fear-driven Patristic/Patriarchal Controls / Abuses imposed upon this Species' many collections of "Belief and Language" by a 1% Minority Elite in order to oppress, to loot and to control, to censor and to abuse the other 99% of the populations...

As a 100% Pagan + Pagan Wiccan for life, a loyal Worshiper "who can call and have It coming", who performs the Pagan Rites & Rituals of a my own Pagan Tradition & Religion and equally as a happily proud Founder of my own Pagan Wiccan Magick Tradition, I do not believe nor subscribe to any Modern Dualistic Patristic Hebrew / Jewish & Christian Bodies of Teachings, nor to any of Their Mythologies and/or to any of all Mythological Characters thereof, nor to any of Their Codes of Values and / or  of Conduct!

Because, I do have my own and I do prefer my own for myself and for my own life and time!
Which by the way, it is Something which actually reflects the sacred fact / truth, that Mutual Respect for / of All Differences was, is and will always be the Intelligent, Wise and Sacred Foundation of all empowered Freedom on earth.
Something with more Humanity as "Freedom With Wisdom Is The Law Above & Beyond All Other Laws!"

I respect the choices of other human beings for their own selves as long as they respect mine for myself!

And no, I do not believe nor subscribe to any Bible, to any Torah, nor to any of all their mythologies and mythological Characters / Stories / Etc!

As a rule I 100% do not believe nor subscribe to any other Patristic /  Patriarchal, Spiritual Dualistic / Zoroastrian-Oriented Mainstream  Religions, whether it is Hinduism a.k.a. Bhagavad-Gītā/Vedas, or whether it is Mohammedanism/Muslim/Islam a.k.a. Quran, or Buddhism a.k.a. Tripitaka, etc, and so forth.

But I do 100% subscribe to, and I do worship, adore and believe 100% in the Ancient Ultimate Supreme Being Creatress Goddess, Womb, Fountain, Nature & Source of All Existence/Life, and also equally in Her Ancient Pagan Goddesses & Ancient Pagan Gods and in Her Creation to which we all are a part of!
Eternal and Infinite EVOLUTION comes from Her and to all of us, to everything, to all existence/life.

And my love for the Ancient Ancestress is forever!

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon


Goat / Ram Of Mendes a.k.a. Pagan Androgynous Horned God - (Not A Jewish nor Christian Mythological Character At All)


It is an Image which had been worked by French STANISLAS DE GUAITA ( while totally literally lost in Talmudic Mythology, between the dear Goddess Lilith and spiritual-dualistic / patriarchal Jewish characters such as Hebrew Letters, Samael & Leviathan, he managed to come up with the first "Goat Inside The Pentacle / Pentagram", and of course, all he had to do, was to insert the Head of a Goat inside of a Star/Pentagram...

And I suppose, for special effects, as a matter of beauty and aesthetics, he made sure the Horns and the Ears of the Goat had enough space / room to display themselves, and simply by turning the Star / Pentagram upside-down...There you have it... LOL.

Jewish oriented Occultist ELIPHAS LEVI at the other hand, he actually drew the image which he titled as Baphomet and as also the "The Sabbatic Goat"... Then, he called it as the Goat of MENDES ( merely a Geographic Location in Egypt), showing a winged Half-Goat/Half-Human styled Humanoid, a Goat with Horns and a nice and delicious pair of Breasts and a lit Torch and/or lit-Candle upon its head between the two beautiful Horns.

Eliphas Levi was pushing for Hollywood-like effects, pomp and circumstance as he was a writer and books are best served when very well sold all over the world.

The Ilumminati-oriented KNIGHTS TEMPLAR when they were fighting against the Muslims and other Faiths / Religions in their mostly political a.k.a. "Christian" Crusades... They employed this Androgynous Form of Deity / God & Goddess at once, for their rites / rituals to the Supreme Being.

ALEISTER CROWLEY, (the late beloved old-devil & adorable joker who I absolutely love, chiefly because of some of his works)...

Crowley, the writer, the Occultist, he saw the Goat of Mendes as the Sacred Union of his Thelemic System's dear Goddess Babalon & the God Chaos, such as the Magickal Union of CUP / Graal / Chalice and SWORD / Knife / Athame’ / Wand as One...

And this alchemical Great Rite, this Sacred Marriage giving birth to the Androgynous Horned God represented by the Goat/Ram of Mendes.

The biggest joke, it is the fact, that all of this Species' Values and Ways of Conduct, and all of their men-made / invented "Belief and Language", in the end, they all fall into two classes, Abyss and Beast, as Crowley himself, tried hard to convey in his works...

The perceived Abyss and the perceived Beast are only Halves of Each Other, and they evolve into WISDOM WITH EMPOWERED FREEDOM, but only after experiencing their freely and wilful Ignorance for the sake of Eternal and Infinite EVOLUTION.

Perhaps, it is the easy and most difficult reality of "In Order To Know It, You Must Feel It First, or, To Experience It First"!

Nobody can show you, nobody can teach you the Highest Mysteries but Yourself alone and via your own willingness to evolve along with the rest of all Creation in the eternal and infinite dance of Evolution.

Way back, to the ancient Greek Philosopher HERODOTUS...

He correctly wrote, the fact that back then, Women / Priestesses copulated / had sex / sexual intercourse with an actual/real Horned Goat in their Sacred Rites and Rituals which were offered to the ancient Egyptian Horned Goat / Ram God Osiris under his ancient Manifestation / Aspect as the Ancient Pagan Egyptian God Banebdjedet.

Now, the name Banebdjedet means the Khu (Spirit) and/or Ba (Soul) of the God of Osiris who is the actual and original God of the Djed / Tet.

The names Djed / Tet mean Erected Phallus, Cock / Erected Penis / Stylized-Tree of Life, Elemental Tree of the Four Elementals / Fae / Exus & Pomba-Giras Kingdoms, Fire, Water, Earth and Air...

Also later, the ancient Pagan God Osiris manifested as the Pagan Egyptian Horned God Khnum, an Earth "Elemental Kingdom" God and Giver of Format, of Shape, Potter / Potter Wheel and River God.

And again, much later, ancient Egyptian God Osiris manifested as the refined Architect God Ptah, God-Patron of All Men, of Masculinity, of Mechanics, of Engineering, of Construction, of Manual work...

Then, being compared to the ancient Pagan (Greek) Horned Gods as Pan, Priapus, Satyrs and so forth.

Christians & Jewish oriented Clergy & Occultists, they had equated any Horned Gods, and/or also Goddesses as Horned Goddess Hathor, with/to their miserable mythological / binary / dualistic / patristic Devil / Satan, Demon, etc... But of course, LOL.


Who is the Goat of Mendes?

It is an attempted-fanciful Pagan Portrayal of the most ancient ultimate Androgynous, both Goddess and also God-at-once Supreme Being - Creatress of All Existence / Life.

I would call it simply the dear Horned One of Eternal & Infinite Evolution.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

Horns Chifres Cornes Hörner Cuernos...


Horns were always sacred and since the beginning of time.

Horns were Symbols of Power, of Victory, of Intensity, of Penetration, of Depth and of Meaning...
Horns were Symbols of Prestige, of Honour, of Mighty, Decisive and Successful Action with Good and Successful Results.
Horns were Symbols of ancient 100% Pagan Mighty Goddesses and of Mighty Gods.

Horns were the Symbol of the real and true Meaning of Passion, of the Intensity and Force of Inception, of Penetration in all of the Exchanges of all Relationships of a Giving-and-Receiving Sexual Nature whether literal or symbolic... It was considered Benign
(Benevolent & Good) Beautiful and very much Sacred.

The Cave Men and Women had an enormous respect and honour for Horns as displayed in their ancient carvings... Equally so did the early hunters, the early shamans, the early Pagans, they all had the meaning of Horns as sacred and honourable...

The Drinking Horn, it was an animal horn and it had been employed  as the Drinking Vessel in many different Cultures and since deep antiquity.

Ancient Egyptian Horned Goddess Hathor of the Magickal Mirror and the Norse Horned Goddess Freyja, also known as Hörn, both  Goddesses of Magick, of Love, of Femininity, of Women, of Beauty, of Comfort, of Wealth, of Good Health, of Prosperity, of Protection, of Good Luck, of Sexual Pleasure, of Fertility, of Winning Wars & Battles,  and also Goddesses of Changes, of Life / Birth and of Death.
They are only two amongst many other different Goddesses of different Cultures which have been portrayed with Sacred Horns of one form or another.

The Horns of Abundance, of Plenty, also known as the Sacred and Lucky Cornucopia, a.k.a. the Horn of the Horned (She-Goat) Goddess Amalthea, (Minoan Mountain Dikte, East of Crete) a symbol of abundance of good food and in general "Abundance" itself, 5th century BC...

The Horns of the Vikings, Mesopotamians and Etruscans...
The Horns of Alexander the Great, chiefly after his victory in Egypt...

Magickal Unicorns and their Sacred Horns...

Sacred Bulls and Rams with their sacred Horns...

Ancient Pagan Greek-Roman Gods were depicted with Sacred Horns, from God Zeus in the form of a Sacred Horned Bull, to dear God Bacchus a.k.a. for his dear appellation as "The Horned One," and the much beloved God Pan, and let's not leave out anybody, how about all of the playful and horny Satyrs, always dancing, and they all had Sacred Horns.

Horns - Europe's Version of a portion of the Virgo / Virgin / Maiden  Constellation, chiefly via Chinese Culture.
The dear New Age Horns which consists of the arm and hand up with Two Fingers-Up, a tooted and touted Modern Sign of Rock and Roll Concerts and so forth...
The hand & fingers gesture called Horns a.k.a. the Sign of the Horns is the Pagan Wiccan Symbol / Gesture To Call, To Invite and To Welcome the (Pre-Jewish & Pre-Christian) 100% Pagan Horned God of the Pagan & Pagan Wicca Witches, High Priestesses, Priestesses & Priests of the Ancient Craft & Art of the Wise a.k.a. the Old Religion of the Ancient Goddesses and Gods.

Except for the dark ages brought about by Patristic / Dualistic mainstream Big/Rich Religions and their miserable mythologies conferring Horns to their pathetic mythological characters, while maligning and vilifying horns as bad, harmful and evil.

If all of that devil nonsense was not enough, they also went further...Yes, folks!
In order to separate the word HORN & HORNS from the word SACRED and also to assist their quest/intention to vilify and to malign the word PAGAN...
They manipulated different localities' "Belief and Language" in order to reflect and to impose their newly invented idea (values and way of conduct) the infantile and moronic tale that men and/or women who were cheated by their lovers and spouses whether willingly or unwillingly, they would grow horns.
Ergo, the Cuckoldry tale of Cuckolds portrayed with Horns.

Mind you, most men in view of this invented/men-made moronic perception of challenge to their Manhood and equally to their Honour as virile Men, they easily decided to stay many miles away from words like Horn and Horns.
The meaning behind the bad and evil interpretations of Horn and Horns and anything to do with them, it is purely RUBBISH as expected.
Why? Because it was invented/men-made by socio-religio-politico hustlers and bullies from the past, and they had as their main intent and purpose, to vilify, to malign, to shame, to destroy and to end Pagans and Paganism (The Old Religion) itself.
But time always passes in this fragile now and here, but the Facts, ah they always come back, they return in order to claim their rightful places and of course the morons of all bigotry and prejudices, they always (whether sooner or later) get put back to their rightful places too.

I've no sympathy for Wilful Ignorance and Intellectual Dishonesty!
Holy Rubbish and at its worst!

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon




The wishful Proposition to actually create a Symbol in order to open Doors to specific Energies / Powers and Benign & Fortunate Blessings is always good and worthwhile.

However, most of these types of Doors are mostly made of other Doors, ergo the creation can only extend itself to the Wisdom of its Creatress or Creator.

Symbols to assist and to help LGBTQ people and our ways, associated causes and so forth, they would be wonderful indeed.

But much care and wisdom must be exercised in order not to open undesirable Doors in the process.

Because in the studies of the Occult, for instance, Divination... People learn to work with Symbols in manner to unlock the relevant contents of the Unknown whether it is personal, business or mundane.

Symbols have always functioned very well as Doors and Windows to whatever it is that they signify and represent.

A collection of symbols known to be good for Healing, for instance would lend their meaning and effective energies towards accomplishing what they represent and bringing about Changes in the fibres of reality which mirror their combined nature and meaning.

Opening Doors is one side of this proposition, the other side of it, to close Doors which bring the Undesirable and Unwelcome!

To develop a Good, Beneficial and Fortunate Symbol for the Third Gender Trans and Its many different levels of expression would be as beautiful and wonderful as doing the very same for the Gay / Lesbian and the Bisexual / Queer Preferences and their many levels of expression in the world.

At times, Symbols have been attached and associated to many Mythological Archetypals and consequently associated to their different Meanings, too.

From my perspective, I tend to embrace the thought that if/when we are going to create a New Symbol for the benefit of Individual and Collective virtues, we may as well have to create a new Archetypal suitable to Meanings, Energies / Powers associated and intended for the Symbol.

It is indeed a very bad idea to consider the loose employment of badly behaving mythological characters, and/or the ones associated with sad endings, and/or the ones associated with much pain, suffering, negative drama and barbaric absurdity.

Considerations are quite important because they help to shape the circle to its desired format and to include what it is desired and to exclude what it is not welcome.

I would love to read your thoughts as well.

If you can, share! But be nice!


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

In order to prevent against and to avoid most of the miserable ignorance of primitive biases and harmful prejudices of the socio-religio-politico agendas of the hustlers of this Species, the 1% world minority elite who owns most of all and everything and controls most of all and everything and since the beginning of times...

We must be intelligently wise and well-informed enough to be careful... Because, we should beware of the chosen "Belief and Language" and their associated "Values and Ways of Conduct", chiefly when interpreting SYMBOLS, because their DEFINITIONS, ah... They do depend very much upon the choice of "Belief & Language" along with its related Values and Ways of Conduct".

And bad choices in this case, it will surely render more and more of the ignorant absurdities as commonly found in the undignified/without-any-humanity mythologies of the world, which pass-for and sells-as the big & rich mainstream Religions of the world.



A definition is really more of a (mainstream agreed-upon mandate-style) public announcement, expressed into words that assume and presume to explain the Meaning of a term (a word, sentence, or symbols etc).

The term may have a series of different senses and multiple meanings.

For each meaning, follows a different collection of words that defines the term and the mainstream agreed-upon understanding of the masses, the real people and the self-appointed special group of people who invented such definitions and their actual intentions regarding it.

Definitions are words, folks.

Again, it is all from our Species' own many, many collections of invented/men-made "Language & Belief" and their heavy luggage of our men-made/invented collections of men-made/invented Values, and of invented Conduct.
It is all about our Species, it is all our Species - Human Beings!

And equally all those vaguely important (arrogantly presuming Superiority, Authority & Power) claims which conspire, which fight hard, create wars and even murder many people in order to suggest Divine Mandates and Orders are 100% really and truly pure Rubbish invented/manufactured/men-made by our own Species, the ancient and new primitive, ignorant, selfish, self-serving Rubbish which always excludes millions, billions, trillions of other Species from nano / micro to macro et ad infinitum.

I have never been much impressed by Definitions which claim "Divine" anything, I mean anything!


Because when you hear "Divine", you know what's coming after...

It is mostly about the Controlling of the Thinking and the Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Action of Others, of many people, of populations via a few greedy, bigoted, biased, mean and ruthless Hustlers and their self-serving ideas, their barbaric interpretations of "What it should be" for others, for the populations...

And also in a special way so that it favours, it benefits Them - the Hustlers and not the populations, the people...

Never the real people who seem to lay down and roll over like puppies & pets to such a bogus collections of our Species' Labelled-Divine Nonsense, and all because they the people were conned into thinking it is all from the Supreme Being.

LOL - Think for a moment - Hatred for differences begin with invented/men-made Definitions, also most of all fights, battles, wars begin with sides being taken behind different men-made/invented Definitions.

People, since the beginning of time, billions, millions of people have died because of the invented/men-made Definitions of Others.

Definitions at times are fully packed-list oriented or rather exaggerated / inflated on purpose with plenty of invented/men-made Importance which when really examined by well-informed, well-educated people capable of Critical Thinking, these Definitions prove to be pure Rubbish.

Simple-mindedness leads the way for lack of real fact--based-upon information, for lack of world Culture and for the lack of a real education which would've taught the people, the populations "To Question Everything Always" and for the sake of themselves individually and their own very Best Interests, for the good and commonwealth of all and everything whether individually or collectively.

Critical thinking is the factual measure by what every and each Definition should always be truly measures by and assessed with.

Faith is something to be directed towards oneself first - Believe in Yourself first, respect yourself first and discard all the invented/men-made Dogmas of the invented Belief & Language of this Species.

Dogmas are invented/men-made self-serving, meaningless rubbish of a self-appointed minority elite which takes advantage of the populations' naiveté.

If you need to believe without seeing, without proof...

Then do, believe in Yourself first! It is a good and healthy starting point but be wise and be respectful of yourself and do Question Everything else!

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon


An Eclectic Salad Of Meaning - Revised

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania 3rd April 2015

An Eclectic Salad of Meaning (Revised - 7th April 2015) Collection of Writings by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon


An interesting lady as you have seized upon many justifying, however interesting bodies of meaningful text in order to put forth your own Belief and Language and your values and ways of conduct.

In part, there is a degree of pure admiration for you in me in regard for your seemingly selflessness as if you are wilfully donating your own entirety in/for the service of, and for the sake of, the very well-being your own natural surroundings, of Mother Earth, this planet and so forth.
Thank you for sharing.
I shall simply reply directly to the essence of your content and point.

The accountability, the responsibility, the belief, the language, value and conduct of any existence, of any life, of any Species always is naturally laid upon itself/oneself.

When we all are here inside of the flesh, we are not acting alone, we are acting along with our Elemental Body, ergo in the company and cooperation of the Four Elemental Kingdoms and the specific Elementals who have volunteered, pre-natally agreed to temporarily journey in these realms and time-zones while serving as a vessel/vehicle and for tangibility of experience and expression for our Light/Soul.
And yes, Different Species both "Light and Elementals" working together for the sake of the eternal and infinite Evolution which originates from the Ultimate Supreme Being and Source / Goddess / Creatress and Mother of all that exists.

Most of what we feel, our Emotions are the Waters in us, most of our Passion is the Fire in us, most of our Intelligence, our Communication, our Learning and Teaching is the Air in us and lastly most of our sense if pleasure, of orgasm/ecstasy and equally most of our sense of pain, of our sense of suffering come from the tangibility offered by the Earth in us.

On the contrary, by force, we all are much more "Connected" than we will ever be able to admit via these many short journeys from cradle to grave.
The biggest and highest Integrity of them all begins/is with/to oneself first and before one can begin to consider one's roles in re of others and of everything else and one's responsibility to them.

Many martyrs use their Matyrdom in order to justify and to avoid their own participation in the experience offered at hand by one's realm and time-zone... It is mostly a coward soul's path!

Most Saviours, they again lack the integrity, the respect, the love for oneself first, ergo they are saving everybody but themselves!  Such lacks self-integrity, self-respect, self-love, etc... Again, a coward soul's path whose justifications fail to account, to be responsible for one's own self.
Can you imagine, to betray one's own self, one's own nature... Suddenly all that "Goodness" of Selflessness does not amount to more than a coward act of rejection of/to one's own self.

Most Victims use their Victimization in order to justify, to avoid being in charge of one's own self. Again, all along, it has always been the coward soul's path.
However, evolution does come to everybody, I can assure you all!

That's why and because it is hard and very difficult to explain the infinity and the eternity of anything, of/to any Species, however only having finite and limited terms, language and belief to work with.

When I share, I share with passion!
Sometimes others may not understand the point that the content has shared... It is not, it is never for them! And it is always solely in reply to the perceived essence of their shared content.
Assumptions always play their role in the Art of Exchanging Communication because the Message is always Language but it also depends much upon the volunteered sensitivity of/to interpretation which others are willing to bestow upon its Meaning to them.
No determinants, no impositions are ever intended nor meant.

Sky aka JD Aeon



I am ready to disclose the fact that most of my most favourite people on the Real Magick of the past, by that, I do mean the best ones, people like Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, Eliphas Levi, Papus, John Dee along with Edward Kelly, Dion Fortune and so forth...
They all did and still do have much to offer in terms of Wisdom, however I would not be true to myself if I said that I always agree with them...
 And odd enough, it is not the Christian mantle of these people’s works, it is actually the endorsements for Patrism/Patriarchism, for Anti-Women Attitudes and Anti-Women-Rights, for Anti-LGBTQ People, for Anti-LGBTQ-Rights and for the awfully shameful “Dualism” present in their works.
But minus all of that rubbish, I can surely extol the virtues of their Wisdom in their wonderful works.
So, I cheat myself out and off the disgusting pool of unwelcome and uninvited primitive and ignorant Nonsense because I, I always edit the puritanical rubbish out and into the disposal/refuse bin.
Indeed a reasonably intelligent, wise and peaceful solution for the enjoyment of my favourite people, their formidable works of the Real Magick of the past and without any of their unnecessary and unwelcome mythological prisons.
Freedom with Wisdom always rule.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon



Amongst Atoms, amongst all the Changes that all existence, all life are made of, between the concordance and partnership of Species as for instance our Lights a.k.a. our Souls and the Elementals and Elements/Matter of the Four Elemental Kingdoms...
Amongst each Species' own Ancestral Connection to Family Members who came before them and others who came after them...
Between us and amongst each and every Species, Realms, Time-zones/Lifetimes that we have chosen to incarnate as/under...
We are so connected that there are NOT any Language and Belief that could do justice to the Meaning of "Being Connected" and our eternal and infinite quality of Being as One with all Creation and all Creation being as One with us.
Such is the huge Mystery of the much vaunted and so-called Doors that have no keys whereby via Evolution we all come to it and learn the experience of its Meaning.

The Obsever and the Obeserved, the fact always has been that they both suffer their interpretations so much simply because of/from their socio-religio-politico finite/limited perception, also of/from their tiny/finite one-lifetime-at-at-time censored/limited perception and lastly, of/from their condition of being inside of this elemental kingdom flesh and subject to limited virtues of mineral perception...

My own answer to why "Other people are, or more appropriately, they seem to be so disconnected" is always simply because this Species, has in storage many Civilizations of abundant and amazingly wilful perpetuation of ignorance, usually driven-by-fear over the populations by 1% thereof and over the other 99% of it.

The so-called "being cut off from real meaning" could be healed by the asking of the proper, the correct questions whose answers would surely prompt the much needed journey from wilful blindness to become strong enough to accept the vision which lies beyond the many popular Belief and Language of this Species and their many popular Collections of Values and of Ways of Conduct.

Human beings, this Species will always be disappointed when/if it seeks eternal and infinite Meaning but inside of narrow-minded, primitive, biased and ignorant (invented-by-this-Species) sets of Values and of Ways of Conduct, in other words.
Nobody will ever find satisfying eternal and infinite Meaning inside of any of this Species' own finite and limited Morality and Ethics.

Most world Academia can disclose such a fact in a few sentences only...

Each person, each human being is indeed an Estate, an Entity of its own and before it can effectively love, respect and care for the snails, for the flowers, for the rivers, for the woods and what-not else in any place and in any time, first, each person must learn to know oneself, its own Estate, its own Sovereignty, its own Entity and learn to be in harmony with oneself by becoming aware of what it is the collective goal of the entirety of oneself for each and every place and for each time in any time-zones.

I personally despise Dualistic/Patristic Christian terminologies and I might add, with passion indeed.
Because, I see Huge Popular Religions as doing their very best and including murder and huge bloodshed for the sole sake of/for perpetuating the Ignorance, the Stupidity and the lack of effective and intelligent information for the populations and instead, they breed populations of ignorant, primitive population, bred for usage and disposal for 1% Minority Elite.

As you may gather by now, indeed, I have not ever thought of myself as "Disconnected"!
Actually, on the contrary, I have been overly "Too connected" to the point of not being able to fit anywhere...
Long time ago, I had decided that I will open the doors, I will plant the seed which will open the eyes...
I will drive away the wasting distraction of popular belief and language and of their useless values and ways of conduct.
Some will adore me, most might take lifetimes in order to understand me...
But in meantime, they will despise me... But what do I care, I am not here for myself, nor for the Minority Elite at all.
I am here for the Goddess and in fact, She has never ever let me down.

It is quite effective and liberating to know, there is no EVIL, there is no GOOD indeed, but only the temporary, finite and limited “Qualifications” of this one-lifetime at a time Awareness and its many schools of curious folks but not brave enough to see beyond its own socio-religio-politico conditioning.

Nobody is going to save Mother Earth, believe me, She needs no saving and she can take care of herself.
Besides, the old and tiresome collective "Martyr, Saviour and Victim" and its vicious circle of primitive populations / civilizations, it all gets boring and at times it pisses me off because I can't fix Stupid!!!  And in fact, only the passing of many lifetimes can do that job!

The connection, the connecting of other worlds, of other realms and of other Species here and beyond and so forth...
Such connection / connecting, it chooses us and not the other way around.
We simply pre-natally agree because the all of the choosing happens before the event of our entrance in the flesh of the four elemental kingdoms in these time-zones.
I must confess the fact that I have evolved beyond the simplicity of my early days of Non-Dualistic / Matrist / Animist / Pantheist Paganism...
And how?  That it is because, I've created my own Belief and Language and its own matching collection of Values and of Ways of Conduct.
I've also spent the past many years living this body of information through thick and thin and I've found it be meaningful and to stand the test of time in my own life.

I appreciate the sharing of information of many sources, even the so-called "Love one another and be peaceful", and simply because some of it, it really does sound brilliant and great...
But the fact has always been that it is not applicable and chiefly when it has never had any effective meaningful hold in the populations who are always ready to sell it all out for any dosage of this Species's own good old b*llsh*t / absolutely pure rubbish! You know, the usual stuffing such as the many wars and the always majority of the people anywhere on this planet in dumb-ass poverty and all neatly and cosmetically justified and imposed over them by the worthless and primitive 1% of the population.

I do despise Ignorance and I consider it to be the biggest enemy of all existence, of all life, of all Species.

In a better note, all the so-called Destruction, Harm and Endings have never ever been permanent, nor infinite, nor what we believe it to be, nor what we think that we know it to be at all.
Nothing ever dies, it changes, it transforms.
Atoms are eternal and infinite and so is all Existence and all Life.
All this so-called concern and worry about endings and about damage, about death, about the Earth, about Nature... To me, personally speaking, it is pure rubbish which belongs to the realm and time-zone of the evolutionary step/stage and range of its scope of offered experience for those who choose to incarnate there.
Judging everything from the perspective of one-single lifetime and without the benefit of all the other lifetimes and realms and all eternity and infinity of all Existence, of all Life, such has always been an useless exercise in pieces of information without ever being able to see, to form and to learn the BIG PICTURE.
I mean well and I am only sharing what I know "To Be" for myself and always...
But never as a determinant, never as an imposition to anybody at all.
Thank you.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon



My firm view and opinion, my permanent position, they all have always been...

1) We are not the Elemental Flesh/Matter/Bodies/Vessels/Vehicles that we temporarily have, that we incarnate as/under...

2) The temporary Flesh/Matter/Vehicles/Vessels/Bodies that we enter at every birth that we elect, they all are made of Other Species of/from the Four Elemental Kingdoms, "Elementals", to be more specific...

3) There are an infinite number of Different Species, of Different Beings, of Different Realms a.k.a. Astral Regions, Universes, Worlds, Countries, Cities, etc...

4) Our own Bodies are mini-Worlds, mini-Universes fraught with Different types of Life/Existence, different levels thereof, we are walking Universes and most wise people do not know this...

5) All the Elemental Theatrics / Drama and Qualifications of all levels and types of Construction and Destruction belong to temporary and limited levels of awareness, because in fact, nothing, nobody ever ends, we all simply transform, matter/atoms cannot be destroyed but simply re-arranged, energies do not spend, they transform, life and existence do not die but change, transform...

6) Knowing the workings of one's body and what is really operating at all levels, should make us the partial drivers more intelligent and wiser to remind ourselves, this is not our journey, we have company and we all are connected to each other and to all and we all are in this together...

7) Amongst all eternal and infinite Creation, I've found out that most of the Essence of the people that I've come across are of the Species called "Light".

8) The Fae is of the Enchanted and also of the Non-Enchanted Species called "Light". By the way, akin to Fire, but not Fire, Fire Species is but a simple level of evolution and of expression of the Four Elemental Kingdoms...

9) No! never been much of a fan of R Steiner, Franz Bardon, Madame HPB and so forth because of the Dualist, Partristic, Anti-Women-Rights, Anti-LGBTQ Approach of the ( mainstream, big and rich Religions-influenced ) Occultism of their time but we all can extol the virtues of some of their shared wisdom, chiefly we can sort through all the rubbish for some nuggets of the gold of their best work.

To finalize this...
Oh yes, there is peace in knowing whatever it may be, chiefly when it is via one's own experience...
Because, it always simply confirms knowledge and empowers its meaning for life.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

p.s. I enjoy when I get to be inspired enough to write about tangibles and intangibles whose virtues I ordinarily do not.



Artificial Emergences?

The world is filled/fraught with them and the motivation behind most of the them is other people's invented personal need for special attention.

It could be a garden that is not cultivating/growing well and the gardener might just create some sense of emergence for other people in order to bring special attention to this gardener's own garden.
It is always about the need for special attention towards the other person's own perceived "Emergence".

People do the very same thing about their difficult business dealings and their difficult partnerships and in a nutshell, their way of relating, of associating to others become a festival of Mud-Throwing, a silly competition for the ultimate but stupid attention.
Main problem always is, in the way to that special attention, the emergencies that were created will always fall apart, crash and burn...
And in the process, it always exposes their creators as immature trouble-makers and/or simply as a bunch of people to be avoided due to the unnecessary problems that they create.

The foolish and infantile embrace of this type of reactionary strategy leads nowhere but in bad situations where people get blocked, put back to their place and labelled as undesirable because of the imaginary emergences that they create to bring special attention to what they perceive to be important.
My question always is, how many lives must somebody ruin in order to get their way in empty and meaningless victories which do not amount to more than pissing-in-the-wind. ..

Who cares which way your garden grows anyway? That’s why it is called Your Garden and not Theirs,  nor Mine.

In every family, in every grouping of people at any level and of any kind, they all have their Artificial Emergences Creators.

It is up to each person to be able to separate loyal, well-meant and good people from the traitor-like, ill-meant and bad ones...

Cheers, it is a beautiful day and I am celebrating its glory. - Happy Full Moon, folks!

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon


8th Jan 2014


At times, in life we look around ourselves and we actually see!

However, we hold ourselves back as we contemplate what is next. And without waiting, we wait for our surprises, for the new turn in the merry-go-rounds of all new experiences which belong to us.

There is indeed a proper, belonging and right time for us and for everything which is allowed to happen to everybody everywhere.
We all could do without all of the problems which every path offers.
But without the problems, we and our lives would become stale and meaningless.
The Challenges are the very blood of all warriors and princesses... The Wars, the battles are the forceful motivation of all life...
The Losses and the Winnings are lessons of every path.

You're born, you're f*ck*d !!! It is all about CHANGES.
Life, Death, Rebirth... Words and Definitions which serve one Master only - CHANGE.
And "Change" happens to be what we and everything that it is allowed to exist are made out of.
Change is the only eternal and infinite CONSTANT of All and Everything everywhere.

I smile as I understand how the wheel turns for us all.
The infinite circles of the wheel of existence where life is to exist, we fly through the circles of the wheel into the vastness of eternity and infinity of the Sacred Source of It All.

And after the comic strip Willy-Nilly, LOL, we all must conform to the temporary delays, lessons and the plural liberation of our mighty circumstances, not at all some subjugation of our lives and all events or actions to the Faetes, but more the factual Wisdom of knowing "Who We really Are", and of course the most ancient fact that the Faetes only obey our own Soul's choices for each and every journey or rather our prenatal choices, our prenatal scripts!

There is nobody above nor below to complain to nor to blame. It is all our very own doing and it is poetic because it was there all along even before we had arrived here to play these parts from cradle to grave.
It is all Belief and Language and their Collections of Values and of Conduct.
But they are mine. It suits me just fine!

Life is good. It has always been, it is only our Species, human beings are not comfortable with the stuff that they are made out of.
But with the assistance of other Species and all the love in the Universe, we all will get there one of these millenniums in the infinite evolution of eternity.

By Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon





When you have a wide-spread culture of Work and Value going separate ways, you have much more than a minority super wealthy and a majority super poor... When Work and Value part ways, so does Humanity, so does the Quality, Integrity and Consistency of Products and Services.

Think of a miserable world where one cannot trust products and services because people are beginning to reflect back the giving and taking ratios which they were compelled to accept not for living well but simply for survival.

And those who have created and perpetuated this horrible mess are beginning to see the fact that it will come back to bite and to harm them, their families and everything that they own whether sooner or later...
It is the plane, the train, the cars and the houses that malfunction and end lives without warnings.
It is the food, the drink or medication that kill.
It is the products or services which fail and end lives.

The Roaring 1920s, a time of great happiness, lots of wealth and good life ended on Black Tuesday 29th October 1929 with the great Wall Street Crash which initiated a decade long Great Depression…
Between the 1940s and 1950s, the word Value was restituted / restored back to the word Work as people went to work and saw their salaries buy them houses, cars and they were thankful but most of all respectful of the word Work, because work meant value that one could see and one could hold in one’s hand.

Between 1960’s to the 1980’s, the word Value was carefully removed from the word Work as people went to work and began to see the new fact that their salaries could no longer buy houses, cars and they began to lose their respect for the word Work, because work did no longer afford people to live comfortably and well, instead it simply meant miserable survival… Work lost its value as more and more people began to see the fact that they could no longer afford to live well off their work.

Between the 1990s and the 2000s, people went from passively knowing the word Work had been blatantly robbed from its Value, to actively reflecting their emotional reactions and feelings about the lack of value in the word Work, in their own jobs.
As a result, we have products and services which constantly fail.
To change such a miserable state of affairs when it comes to work…

The answer is to restore Value back to the word Work, to teach a New Culture of Thinking to the Owners of Businesses which points to the fact that when one removes Value from Work, one also removes Caring, Dedication, Loyalty and of course along with them also the  Quality, Integrity and Consistency of Products and Services.

To bring back Value to Work, such must be done with Intelligence and Wisdom.

With Humanity... And everybody wins.

Profits can still be sacred and fun but they do not have to spoil, to harm and to destroy products and services.

The rich and the poor can still live side by side and actually to respect, to honour and to value each other as long as there are humanity-oriented foundations of Work with Value uniting them in mutually good, benign and benevolent ways.

People will surely, willingly and freely do their very best when there is personal Value for them.
One cannot cheat Humanity for eternity out of its fair Value, its collective and individually merited compensation for their Work for their Value.

I do recommend to all the four quarters of the compass of fates - Bring back VALUE to the word WORK and people, queen and country will always prosper again.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon
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8th Astrological House SCORPIO SUN conjunct the Crooked Claw STAR KHAMBALIA & ASTEROIDS: Amun-Ra, Sekhmet, Gold, Lachesis, Toro, Paris, Petite, Perseverantia, Athor, Pomona *
SCORPIO MERCURY Retrograde (Non-Mainstream) conjunct STAR AGENA & the ASTEROIDS: Fame, Klotho, Bella, Washingtonia, Goodman *
PISCES MOON conjunct STAR SKAT & the ASTEROIDS: Hermes, Ptah, Aenna, Odysseus & MOON's SOUTH NODE of Blessings via the New/Ancient, the Untried and the Unknown *
SAGITTARIUS VENUS conjunct ROYAL STAR ANTARES & the ASTEROIDS: Amazone, Tesla, Archimedes, Hebe, Diana, Karma, Britannia *
CANCER MARS conjunct STARS CANOPUS & SIRIUS & the ASTEROIDS Tea, Cybele, Melusine, Panacea, Europa, Ella, Wisdom, Industria, Dark Moon Lilith *
LEO URANUS conjunct STAR SUBRA & the ASTEROIDS: Hathor, Nymph, Pandora, Liberatrix *
CAPRICORN JUPITER conjunct MID HEAVEN and also conjunct the Aesculapius styled STAR SINISTRA also said to be the Star of Ancient Witchcraf/Paganism and Of Sexual Freedom and also conjunct the LAGOON STARS NEBULA also known as SPICULUM and equally conjunct the ASTEROIDS: Aphrodite, Gaea, Brucia, Bechuana, Juno, Hecate, Persephone, California *
VIRGO PLUTO conjunct STAR THUBAN & the TRANSNEPTUNIAN/URANIAN: Zeus & the ASTEROIDS: Aten, Urd, Picka, Kama & the MOON's NORTH NODE of Blessings via the Safe and Tried *
ARIES ASCENDANT conjunct URANIAN ARIES POINT: ZERO - 00 Aries 00 also conjunct the MID POINT of JUPITER & of the URANIAN/TRANSNEPTUNIAN Vulcanus *

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It would be well-informed to affirm that at this point, for this Species and in this place and timezone... We "Think" that we know what it is "To Think", what it is "Existence" / "Life", "Soul" and "Matter"...

What it is Light and what it is Darkness.
Yes, it is Academically correct to say that we think that we know. But the real and true Reality ( our Quantum Evolution ) defies o
ur one-lifetime-at-a-time short and small awareness and our willful Ignorance perpetuated by our invented miserable Mythologies which we try hard to call our biased/bigoted Religions, our invented moronic Traditions which we try hard to call our invented collections of unenlightened Values and of invented shamefully primitive Ways of Conduct. Our Species?
Yes, a Species devoid of "Freedom with Wisdom"...

...Until "We All" begin to learn, to see and to understand that the greater "ALL" has been always inside of us and We as well, we have been inside of the greater "ALL", the ultimate, the Supreme Source, the "ALL" of All That It is Allowed To Exist.

This Species has been busy, focusing/channelizing all of our lowest/highest efforts into arrogantly self-serving tirades about how we are going to survive inside of "Other Species" as "Matter" itself...

How we are going to defend ourselves from our very own invented/men-made/fabricated Evil/Harm...

Here it is the catch - None of our Species will ever beat the SOURCE because the Source is inside and outside all of its Creation. What a sorry pack of moronic Geniuses!

The solution is to focus into what we really and truly are beyond this Species, what are We after death... And We are LIGHT and not MATTER of these Realms/Dimensions and Timezones...

Until we get there, there will be many false alarms and many doomsday morons and their invented / unenlightened collections of their invented "Belief and Language" which will not spare them at all from Evolution.
- Evolution laughs best and always.

Evolution comes to everybody, to everything everywhere.

Am I worried? Not at all. No worries here at all!

I've opened the proverbial Doors a long time ago and MOTHER NATURE inside and outside of each ATOM, She will always WIN and it is for the Good Of All Species and All Existence.

I myself see this timezone is an inconvenience which will find its evolution as well!

After we evolve inside of and along with Matter, We will come to a point that we will learn, realize and fully understand the universal fact that "ATOMS CAN THINK".
The Fact that there is LIFE in EVERYTHING and that WE are not the Makers nor the Owners of all of the Matter that we borrow, that we all work together with while we are touring these Denser Realms / Dimensions and their collections of Species and Their Time-zones.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

World Economics Just Around The Bend

World Economics Just Around The Bend

World economics, such a treat! Before the event of any tangibly objective, structural foundations / infrastructures of anything can be invented, created and established...

Our Species always invent / create & establish a new set of subjective (non-tangible) Belief and Language along with its new Sets of new Values and of new Ways of Conduct in order to set out and to control the existence of our newly created, actual   infrastructure .

The Riches of the world have always belonged the longest  to the lucky Bullies ( Users of Force, Threat, Coercion, Abuse in order to Intimidate, to Inflict Fear in order to Aggressively Impose Power-Over / Domination over Other people. - It is always essential to create, to invent a Fabricated Perception/Reputation/Image of Imbalance of either or both Social and / or Physical / Material Power.) The invented Conduct employed to assert such Power-Over-Others type of Domination goes from verbal / written abuse, harassment and / or threats, to material and/or physical assault and coercion. Bullies justify and rationalize their ways via the mandates of the Big Religions & Traditions which teach populations to Hate Their Own Humanity of Differences such the difference of Class, Race, Religions and their Different Man-in-the-sky, Genders as M, F and/or Trans, Sexual Preferences such as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual/Queer and/or Hetero and Sexual Modalities such as Top / Giver, Bottom / Receiver and Switch/Diversified, Appearance, Conduct, Reputation, Lineage, Strength, Size, Abilities, etc... Bullies acting together as a Group are defined as a Mob.)

The real hustlers who can think faster and best than the most of other fellows.

This is the real story of all Money, Fortunes and Banks.

The US has not done anything wrong at all, because it is either us or them. Well-informed and educated "Critical Thinking" tells us all the fact that - "If we do not control, then we will be controlled."

The real question is do we want the other fellows controlling us, our land, our people, our ways...
I do not think so.

I am thankful that we've been one step ahead of the rest of the world all along because we've known all along that Freedom needs, wants and requires Wisdom and not everybody can understand the equation of "It is either Us or Them. I prefer "US" rather than them.

I do not have to go to far back to show how the world was before we've arrived on the play pen of the planet.
Religions used to be the Money mongers of the world and the controllers of the Infrastructure which they invented.
But they've lost it when we (America) arrived in the show.

Don't get me wrong, it has not been fair nor good for the masses. It has not been easy nor pleasant for the people of this beautiful land but having said that, I can say, I am thankful that we are still in charge.

I think, the Euro will learn to live with the British Pounds and the US Dollars...
But nobody's going to cut into the Sovereignty of our Control over what it is and what it is not.

The US has the Best Intelligence on Earth and it has had it for the longest time, thanks Goddess for that.

A lot of people do not understand that it is not about Money (Fortunes,  Riches), it is about intelligent and wise Control.

Money can come and it can go away too! One needs Control over many variables in order to keep one's state of grace.

The Belief and Language which we hear about our National Debt and about Other Countries and their ways to play their own angles on the world game of control, it is all our Species playing who's in charge of what and what can I get away with.
It is a part of the game of hunting and being hunted, living and dying.

That's why from my perspective, I cheer for US, UK, France and Brazil in their prosperity.
The Euro will succeed only if / when it learns to respect and be good to the US Dollar and to the British Pound.

I would not worry too much over it, let the Goddess, let the Source of it all take care of who's in charge.
Meanwhile, hey... I am in the world, I am glad that the US is still steering the boat to its destination.

By Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon